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The objective of this brief was to re-purpose and re-design an existing promo on the Sky Vegas website know as Bonus Boxes. A mini-game where players selected 1 box of 3 to receive a prize such as free spins, cash or scratch cards.

Previously the promo would be used in conjunction if you lost on the Prize Machine mini-game, to give a "second chance" to players. This new version would be used more randomly to give rewards to players at unexpected moments.


The basic in-game mechanics would be the same, open a box receive a prize but, it was my task to visually redesign the appearance of the promo mini-game and improve the in-game experience to be more satisfying.

Initial Ideas

Initial Box Concepts.jpg

Opening Mechanics

Finalising The Box Designs

Box Development 4.jpg
Final Design for Creative.jpg
Box Development 5.jpg

Reward Asset Development

Reward Dev.jpg
Reward Dev 2.jpg

Final Design & Experience

Rendered Box.jpg
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