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Final 6 Gift Experience

unwrap cover.jpg

Unwrap The Cash was a game experience created for the 2020 Christmas period, where players on the Sky Vegas platform would earn "Gifts" to unwrap during the week, with Fridays being the day the "Gift Generator" would spit out the player's prizes. Allowing them to unwrap using technology similar to a virtual scratch card mechanic.

It was my responsibility to design the play experience and general aesthetic of the assets, then take the final assets created by a creative team and animate them in Spine for the Developers to build.

Initial Ideas

Initial Concepts.jpg
Gift Gen 2.jpg

Gift Generator Development

Gift Gen 3.jpg
Front On Story Board.jpg
Revised Storyboard V3.jpg
10K storyboard Revised.jpg

Gift Generator Finals

Gen 2D.jpg
unwrap cover.jpg
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